Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fonts and How to make HGTSA less "computerish"

So far, photos and story have been printed up to Hobbes Tai Chi lesson and his disappointment in not being able to "swim with the Dolphins." But, I don't like the look of the story. I like the way this blog looks, tan "paper" and "scripty" print. As I was writing the Dolphin story, I wondered if lions actually swim, so there was Google and the ability to research anything quickly. And, I found out that they do but not everyday, like tigers, and if they have to, they will. There are some great photos of lions swimming. And, in Africa, there is a danger of being caught by a crocodile while swimming, the lion would not do well in that situation. Might add that to the story. What is difficult for me is to go from our files of hundreds of photos and easily transfer them to word perfect.


  1. This is a test: I am making my own comment to see how this looks.

  2. Don't make it too scarey! Lions being caught by crocodiles while swimming..... a whole generation of kids may never swim. Love your determination to do this, Natasha.