Sunday, September 27, 2009

Possible Cover for Hobbes Goes to South America

A friend of mine, who asked to be nameless, is helping me with the cover of the book as he has a Mac (of which he is very proud) which can do some arty manipulation of photos. So, I am posting the photo of one possibility, not the final choice of course. Bret, my son offered to do a sketch, but he is so busy with school that it would not be possible until next summer. I like this one as it clearly shows South America. The writing process is very strange as in my mind, I am jumping all over the story, I already know how I will end it and will add a few tongue-in-cheek imitations of real published books: the way the authors write about the print itself on one of the back pages, which will be "comic sans" a print without the swiggles, and of course the dedication and the thank-you pages. My grandson, Brenden, has already asked about the dedication pages.


  1. Cute cover - love the globe. South America looks good.

  2. What's happened to Hobbes? Are you taking a break?